Most of us have wanted to change our situations at one time or other.

Hypnotherapy offers a safe, simple and drug-free technique to make those changes happen now.

Perhaps for you change means a healthier work-life balance and sense of well-being. Perhaps it means eliminating habits and addictions that bind you, or fears and phobias that hold you back. Perhaps you need to manage pain, anger or stress more effectively, or need to improve your concentration, or simply want to feel more self-confident.

What are the benefits?

  • feel more self-confident & energetic
  • regain your natural ability to sleep
  • improve your concentration, overcome procrastination & make better decisions
  • reduce conflict, stress, anger, resentment & fear of rejection
  • increase your creativity & memory
  • relax more easily, promoting better health and well-being
  • develop and sustain relationships more successfully
  • get along with people better, increase your emotional intelligence
  • improve your work<>life balance

What situations can it treat?

Richard Cupidi DHypPsych(UK)

I’m a fully qualified, experienced hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner, having practiced in America, England and Israel.

The initial consultation costs £55 and lasts 75 minutes; subsequent sessions last an hour and cost £45.

A STOP SMOKING NOW package costs £135.

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